Outreach Projects

Home / Hospital Visitations 
If you, a family member, or friend, would like a home or hospital visit, please contact Rev Jolene or Secretary Madonna Scott.
Moms & Tots 
A free morning activity based program for local Moms and their tots ( Ages 0-4yrs). Led by our Rector, this program occurs twice monthly, usually on Tuesdays, and is open to anyone wishing to attend.
Ronald MacDonald House Meal Program
Men from our Parish participate at various times throughout the year, in providing meals for children and their families staying at the House. 
School Breakfast Program
Members of our Parish assist with the school breakfast program at Villanova Junior High School on Tuesday mornings.
CBS / Paradise Food Bank
Our Parish supports our local Food Bank on a regular basis. Parishioners bring along food items during special services.
At Christmas, we provide hampers for approximately 30 local families.
Parishioners provide financial contributions on a regular basis to help support the initiatives of PWRDF. 
Stellas Circle
Our Parish has partnered with Stellas Circle to enabe their clients to be involved in valuable work experience, etc as they assist twice monthly in the cleaning of our facilities.
This is beneficial for both our Parish and the clients at Stellas Circle.